Bernzomatic TS8000 vs TS4000

Bernzomatic TS8000


  • Auto start/stop ignition easily ignites and extinguishes flame
  • Ultra swirl flame provides maximum heat output for large diameter soldering
  • Cast aluminum body construction for durability

Bernzomatic TS4000


  • 6-quart multifunction electric cooker replaces your pressure cooker
  • 18/10 stainless steel dishwasher-safe cooking pot
  • Micro-computerized temperature and time-control system

If you have ever used a torch like this to perform any of your welding needs, then you have definitely used a high-intensity trigger start torch.  There is also a good chance that you have used something from the Bernzomatic brand.  They have one of the prominent brands in the space, and it is obvious if you look up their reputation.

If you are considering buying a Bernzomatic trigger start torch, then you are in the right place. The two popular product lines are the TS8000 and the TS4000.  I have broken down the two products, and we will take an unbiased look at the two options that are available.

Hopefully, you will have a better idea of which high-intensity trigger start torch is going to suit your needs.  Both of these options are pretty similar, but there are really two key differences between these two models.

The first of the two that I am going to break down for you is the Bernzomatic TS8000 model.

It just shows that this product is at the top of this niche and it shows that Bernzomatic should be at the top of your buying list in terms of these kinds of products.  Let’s look at some of the main features and see what sets it apart.

Variety of Buying Options

The first thing to notice with this product from Bernzomatic is that it comes in many different packages. Some packages range from one torch to a 5-pack, so you can get yourself a deal if you buy in bulk and plan on using this product for a long time.

If you want to get 5 of these, then you can be sure that you will not need to buy anything else for a very long time.  It also helps if you need to have multiple different propane tanks at different locations. It can be annoying to only have one of these and have to carry it with you wherever you go to weld something.

The Ignition is Easy to Use

The instant stop and start feature on the torch can make your life easy while using it. As soon as you need to stop the flame, you can just take your finger off the button and it instantly stops.

The ignition also is instantaneous, and it hits maximum power in an instant.  That is useful if you are welding, soldering, or brazing and need to stop and start a lot during your project.

Pressure Regulated

When you have a terrible ignition start torch, you might run into trouble when you have to get into an awkward spot and tilt the torch.  The good news about the Bernzomatic TS8000 is that it is pressure regulated, so it will still work perfectly no matter how much you are tilting it.


The last prominent feature that I will point out is that you can easily adjust the flame and control it in ways that you can’t with a lot of torches out there.  For certain projects involved with welding, you will want to be able to control the flame and the power that is coming out.

With the amount of adjustability that this has, you will really be able to control the flame and get very detailed with your touch

Summary of the Bernzomatic TS8000

It is one of the top options in the industry and it is offered at a great price.  You really can’t go wrong with this product, but let’s compare it to the other version, the TS4000.

The other product that we will be looking at is very close to the TS8000.  The Bernzomatic TS4000 is a pretty close product, but there are a few subtle differences.

Let’s look at some of the features, and then we will break down the key differences between the TS4000 and the TS8000.

Different Buying Packages

Just like the TS8000 version, there are different buying options.  If you prefer to buy the torches in a single, double, or quad package, you can easily do that.  It is very reasonable to know that people love to buy things in bulk, and Bernzomatic does this very well by offering different quantities.

Pressure Regulated

Just like the TS8000, the TS4000 is pressure regulated.  Once you use a torch that is pressure regulated, you will not go back. The fact that you can use the torch at any tilt or angle is incredible, making it very enjoyable to use.

It is hard to imagine using a torch that is not pressure regulated after you have used one of the Bernzomatic torches that has this feature.

No Adjustability

The key difference between the TS4000 to the TS8000 is that the TS4000 can’t reach the temperature level of the TS8000.  The other key difference is that the TS4000 has no adjustability in the burn level.

For very detailed jobs that need an exact burn level, then the TS4000 might not be a good idea.  The good thing is that most people need a multi-purpose trigger-start torch.

Those two key differences might be a deal breaker to some people, but there a majority of people that will never even need to adjust the burn level of their torch while they are welding or performing a specific task.

Summary of the TS4000

The TS4000 is a very similar product to the TS8000 version from Bernzomatic.  These products are head and shoulders above other products in the industry, and they only have a few features that separate them.

You really can’t go wrong with buying the TS4000 if you are looking for a cheaper option that will fulfill your needs.

Final Verdict

Both of these products are alike, but the major key differences deal with the temperature and the adjustability of the burn level.  If you are using torches very frequently and you have jobs that need to adjust the burn level, then the TS8000 model is probably right up your alley.

Also, if you need very high temperatures that are more than the TS4000 offers, you will want to go for the Bernzomatic TS8000.  People that use torches for a job or do a serious amount of light welding, heat treating, soldering, or brazing, would probably lean towards buying the TS8000.

On the other hand, if you do not need higher temperatures or adjustability, it makes sense to settle for the TS4000 torch.  It should suit most of the people reading this, and it is offered at a lower price compared to the TS8000 version.  For a novice in this niche, most of your needs will be met with the TS4000.

Well, there you have it. If you found this post informative and helpful, please go ahead and share this post with someone looking to buy a product like this.  Thanks for reading!