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Cupcakes have been a universal favorite and staple of American desserts. Whatever you can imagine, chances are, there is probably a flavor that exists for it. With the wide selection available, this extends to their containers too. They have a few different use scenarios: everything from bake sales to gift boxes for your customers. If you happen to be into the business of baking delicious creations, then look no further. Here, we've compiled the best list of cupcake carriers on the market for you below to narrow it down.

1: Smirly Disposable Cupcake and Cake Boxes

First, we have a beautifully simplistic set that features an ivory white gift box with a window to allow a peek at the work of art inside. Also included are a few dozen white cases that are stylish without being too flashy. The pink ribbon adds a lovely finishing touch. 

All in all, the kit includes four white gift boxes, 48 baking sleeves, and a baby pink ribbon; each gift box holds up to 12 cupcakes and is more than tall enough to keep any decorative frosting intact, preserving your work to perfection. 

Designed to keep their contents moist and fresh until ready to eat, you can rest assured that this keeps them from going stale before you have a chance to serve them. Each box is made entirely of fully recycled materials, so this allows you to keep your carbon footprint low while keeping your tasty treat intake high! 

These are suitable for almost any scenario: a gift to a friend, for your business, a charity bake sale, and more. Their simple design and logo-free boxes make them perfect for any situation, so there isn't any need to worry about the design not being a good fit for the particular occasion.


  • Kit includes four boxes, 48 cupcake cases, and a pink ribbon
  • Fully recyclable
  • Each box will hold up to 12 cupcakes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Box dimensions are 14 x 10 x 4 inches

2: Nordic Ware Cupcake Carrier

Up next, we're going to look at another stylish minimalistic design. A cute pastel-colored cupcake or cake holder lets you store your cakes and move them from place to place without the hassle. 

The airtight seal keeps the delicious contents inside moist and pest-free until ready to use. 

It has secure clips on the edges that help seal the lid into place, with a handle that allows for easy carrying to any location. It can hold up to 12 cupcakes. 

If you need to transport large cakes, it can also carry a small cake of 25cm in diameter or a slightly larger sheet cake, as long as it fits in the carrier. The base flips support your cupcakes or cake, depending on what you're using it for, eliminating the need for extra pieces you have to store when not in use.


  • Holds up to 12 cupcakes or one cake
  • No assembly required
  • Dimensions are 41.15 x 27.94 x 12.07 cm and 794 grams when empty

3: The Mini Cupcake Safe

The “cupcake safe” is a sight to behold, with a maximum capacity of up to 64 cupcakes and adjustable shelves so that you can move them as needed for various sized cakes. Under regular promotions, the safe and shelves usually are sold separately. This kit, however, comes with everything you need to get to the maximum number of cupcakes it can hold. 

Pins hold the shelves to avoid any movement or damage; there is assembly required, so be mindful of this upon delivery. Designed to safely transport large batches by vehicle, assuming the conditions are right, which would be a relaxed speed, no sudden movements, and cool temperature, the cake safe will keep your baked goods safe and secure. 

With this, they can make the whole journey deliciously intact. The case is wind and water-proof too, so if you’re going to spend a long time outside, then there is no need to worry about adding additional layers that add extra weight or risk changing the conditions inside the box.


  • It holds up to 64 cupcakes; each shelf holds 16
  • Each shelf space is 4.25 inches. The top shelf, however,  is only 3.5 inches
  • Inner dimensions of the cake safe are 14  x 14 x 16 inches
  • Designed for transportation
  • Assembly instruction available online

4: PL8 Cupcake Display and Carrier

In our opinion, this one is perfect for the old-fashioned cupcake baker or seller. This clear cupcake dome will hold up to 24 cupcakes at a time. Each cupcake divot has a design made to leave very little chance of movement or risk of falling when transporting. 

The handle makes it easy to carry one-handed, which helps when you need to get the car door open to minimize the chance of slipping or falling. It includes plenty of room between layers, so your frosting will stay untouched, and they will look just as perfect once they arrive as when they left. 

When you aren’t moving your cupcakes around the city or neighborhood, this carrier will easily collapse for convenient storage. Stainless steel clasps provide added durability so that it is a long-term purchase and makes it a fantastic addition to your kitchen.


  • Holds up to 24 cupcakes
  • Stainless steel handle clasps for security
  • Dimensions are 13 x 9 x 12 inches

5: Sweet Creations Cupcake Display and Carrier

Not only can this display and carrier hold up to 24 cupcakes, it can hold up to 40 cake pops at the same time; with the eyelets on the trays, you can also decorate each layer with ribbon, making it the perfect centerpiece for your table. 

The whole unit is fully collapsible to make it easy to store and completely dishwasher-safe. BPA-free plastic is fantastic for the concerned individuals who like to ensure their purchases are 100% safe for food handling. This carrier is heavier than most, at 1.5 kilograms when empty. 

That means it can become quite heavy when full to the brim with cupcakes and cake pops. While the handle can support the weight, we recommend holding it as securely as possible and double-check each clasp for peace of mind when transporting them.


  • Holds 24 cupcakes and 40 cake pops at the same time.
  • Eyelets around each tray for ribbon decorations
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free
  • Diameter - 36.8cm, Height - 13.97cm, Weight - 1.5kg
  • Collapsable

6: Sweet Creations Pan Cupcake Carrier With 3-tier Stand

With enough space for 12 cupcakes in the muffin base and holding up to 14 cupcakes on the stand, this is not the biggest cupcake carrier; however, it does come with an excellent storage solution. 

While you can carry it easily around, when you're in a situation where you need to be able to display your cakes, you only have to pop the flat-packed 3-tier stand out from under the handle and show them off for all to see. 

While the whole unit is unfortunately not dishwasher-safe, the lid and stand are; the bakeware tray will need to be hand-washed, but it's non-stick and relatively easy to clean. 

The cupcake stand is relatively easy to assemble and dismantle, so you don't have to worry about storage; you can flatpack it and then pop it up again to showcase those delicious, frosted delights.


  • Holds 12 cupcakes in the muffin base, up to 14 on the display stand
  • The display stand is discretely hidden under the handle, easy to assemble.
  • The lid and display stand are dishwasher safe, and the baking tray is hand wash only.
  • Dimensions of the carrier are 40 x 28.6 x 10.2cm and 980g

7: Prepwork Collapsible Carrier

Believe it or not, this collapsible entertainment carrier isn't meant for cupcakes specifically. With its dishwasher safe, BPA-free model, and collapsibility ease, it's a secure carrier for both cupcakes and cakes. With the complementary deviled eggs tray included, it's possible to make something more savory than sweet. 

This particular carrier features two different trays; a divided appetizer/cake tray and a deviled egg tray that holds up to 30; once used, they can all be placed into the dishwasher and then store all together at ½ of its original height. 

The clips on the side do securely keep the lid on while carrying it around, but there is a gap between the two, and so we would recommend that you eat them while they're still tasty and fresh.


  • Collapsible to half its original size
  • Deviled egg tray and cake/divided appetizer tray included
  • Dimensions - 45.7 x 35.6 x 5.6 cm, weight - 1.68kg

8: Wilton 3-in-1 Cupcake Holder

Being a 3-in-1 carrier, the Wilton 3-in-1 has a multitude of functions. You can carry a 10 inch round cake, 12 cupcakes, or even a whopping 24 mini cupcakes, reverse the carrier, and even swap between them. 

The extra-deep cover stops any unfortunate accidents while moving them around, and with the secure clips, it’s also airtight to prevent them from drying out. Not dishwasher-safe, this is to be washed with warm soapy water after each use and thoroughly dried. 

For completely intact and unsquashed cupcakes and cakes, this is the carrier for you; as it is 4 inches tall and made of solid plastic, there is no chance of smudging any frosting with the sturdy lid. 

Not only will this allow you all the creative freedom for your toppings, rest assured that your goodies will look as good when they arrive at their destination as they did when you piped and baked them.


  • 3-in-1 - built for a 10 inch round cake, 12 standard cupcakes, or 24 mini cupcakes
  • Hand wash only
  • Dimensions - 17.25 x 13.75 x 3.95 inches

9: Snapware Cupcake Keeper

This 10 x 14 inch is a two-tier carrier for space-saving and convenience; holding up to 24 standard cupcakes, this is a fantastic way to store or take your cupcakes with you. 

The two layers stack straight on top of each other and clip together for security and freshness; you can easily place the two trays next to each other so that everyone can grab a cupcake, and the crumbs will stay in the tray. 

One lid for the top layer has a strong handle so that the weight of a full carrier is no issue for Snapware. The lip on the cupcake holders is relatively low compared to other containers, so be extra careful if there isn't going to be anyone else there to hold them.


  • Dimensions - 10 x 14 inches
  • Holds up to 24 standard cupcakes
  • Stackable, for a more compact and easy carrier


Whether you bake for fun, for parties, or even for sale, you need the best cupcake carrier that suits all of your needs.  That's why we've provided you with our list of the best on the market. For example, if you're baking cupcakes for sale and want to make sure they're well-presented, then a paper gift box is a fantastic way to display them. 

The buyer gets to unwrap them like a present, and with a display window on the top to take a peek, just seeing them before opening the lid will get them excited. Be sure to try to get fully recyclable gift boxes so that every customer is happy with the packaging; being 'green' is a vital part of everyday life and the future, after all. 

If you'll be transporting them for bulk sale, then the Mini Cupcake Safe is the best, but the smaller options are brilliant as well. Two factors you'll need to decide on are how many you intend to transport at a time and your budget. 

Airtightness, a high lip to keep the cupcake sturdy and shapely are all crucial as well. Some even have a stand included in the kit. Even though you might still have to transfer them from carrier to stand, it makes transportation and storage much less of a hassle. With this advice, you will be able to decide on the right cupcake carrier for you. Enjoy those delicious cupcakes!