7 Best Egg Skelter 2021

Toplife Tall Spiral Egg Skelter

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Southern Homewares Egg Skelter

OBVIS Metal Spiral Egg Skelter

Eggs come in several different shapes and sizes from all manner of animals worldwide, and while I am sure many of you do not have an emu farm in your back garden. I am sure you have come here because you have a small poultry range, whether chicken, duck, or even geese. 

Gathering your eggs can be therapeutic, rewarding, and a tasty treat after a long morning of shuffling those hens out of the way. It can be a fantastic way to find solace in one's own company if you haven't yet made your garden into a bird haven; these will convince you that while it can be messy, it can also be well organized. 

Raising poultry can be time and space consuming, but that does not mean that storing your eggs has to be in any way complicated. Once collected, Eggs regularly need to be date rotated, which can be tricky if they aren't easily accessible. Using a spiral Skelter, you can see every egg, allowing for quick decisions and delicious omelets!

1: OBVIS Metal Spiral Egg Skelter

Indoors or outdoors, this stylish rack would be a welcome addition to anyone's chicken coop or kitchen. Its sturdy base allows it to be filled with up to 22 eggs, and it won't even wobble; no need to worry about taking an egg from any part of the spiral; it will allow the rest to roll down without a crack. 

The stand's compact design takes up little counter space; if you wish to keep your kitchen sides clear, you can use the handle to hang up the stand for a difference. The handle will benefit anyone who prefers to normally collect their eggs and place them straight into their pouch or basket; now you have the benefit of taking it with you.  

The low slope spiral design of the Skelter allows for a steady roll of any eggs without damage; the metal is well sanded to minimize any bumps or protrusions and guarantees fantastic quality with every stand. 

While this Skelter has many valuable assets, it is safe to say that the unfortunate downside is that you can only store small eggs in the spiral. Due to the design, the shoot is not big enough to accommodate larger eggs; the metal is strong and sturdy, so it cannot be maneuvered to make way for anything more significant.


  • Up to 22 eggs
  • Handle for easy maneuver
  • Broad base for stability on any surface
  • Made from strong metal
  • Compact design


  • It only holds small eggs.

2: Yontree Spiral Egg Skelter

The Yontree Skelter is an excellent outdoor skelter, built to withstand varying temperatures and designed with family in mind; this may be the one for you. The company gave excellent quality assurance with every purchase and created this as a suitable egg storage system and a fancy display at family events. 

You can place up to 22 boiled eggs in the skelter and let the children watch them roll down as they take one out, making it a marvel as well as practical. A broad base and strong chrome frame make for a sturdy and durable egg holder; the base ensures it can not be easily knocked over, nor will it warp with time. 

With its durability high up on the chain, the same cannot be said for its overall design; again, it is a Skelter that cannot hold larger eggs. It can fit the larger eggs in the spiral, but you will have to move them down manually and may even struggle to get them out of the holder due to height restrictions.


  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Holds up to 22 small/medium eggs
  • Durable material for quality assurance


  • Large eggs will not roll.

3: MyGift Deluxe Spiraling Egg Skelter

This smaller addition to the list might be more suited to a smaller family with up to 15 eggs at a time. Its cone-shaped center allows for an easy roll down the spiral when dispensing the eggs and provides a more modern shape than some. 

The small handle at the top makes this easy to move around the kitchen, and with its petite size, it will not take up much counter space so that you can grab the eggs at ease. Small or medium eggs are the way to go with this Skelter; while large eggs do not fit, it is perfect for those smaller eggs that will happily roll down. 

This is a wonderful way to store and display those eggs without using up refrigerator space; you can easily use this to monitor the dates on your eggs and store them safely.


  • Holds up to 15 eggs
  • Expertly designed for a smooth roll down
  • Small design to avoid clutter


  • It does not accommodate large eggs.

4: Flexzion Deluxe Egg Skelter

An artistic masterpiece, the silver Flexzion Skelter is a beautiful accessory to have in your kitchen. Its anti-rust coating and strong design mean it will last you well into the future. Although it does not have a warranty, it is a reputable brand that is confident in its product. 

Indoor use is advised to provide more longevity, and with its strong iron core, it will be a part of the family for a long time.

Holding up to 20 eggs, it is a larger tower than some others; this is useful for bigger batches and great if you are an avid baker who uses many eggs at a time. It is easy to grab each egg out, and they all spiral down to the bottom without damage; medium and large eggs will roll with ease, but any smaller eggs do run the risk of falling out.


  • Holds up to 20 large eggs
  • Anti-rust coating
  • Sleek, silver design


  • No warranty
  • Small eggs can fall through.
  • Indoor use only

5: Vencer Modern Metal Egg Skelter

A safe dishwasher model is fantastic for those fresh eggs that are unwashed; you can collect the eggs directly from under the hens and leave them unwashed in the skelter; after all, unwashed eggs are fresher for longer. Just make sure you dry it thoroughly between washes so that it stays rust-free. 

Being less than 30cm tall, it also fits almost anywhere, so you can use the handle to move it about until you find the space where it looks the best. 

Medium eggs roll perfectly in this spiral haven, while small and large may need assistance in making their way to the bottom. Do not let that deter you; the alloy steel frame is light and easy to move around, so you can take your eggs anywhere with you and allow for up to 20 medium eggs overall.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds up to 20 medium eggs
  • Light steel frame
  • It fits under most cabinets to suit any kitchen.


  • Small and large eggs may not roll down.
  • Can rust with time

6: Southern Homewares Egg Skelter

The largest Skelter so far on this list, holding up to an incredible 24 eggs that are size-dependent, boasts the biggest haul you could hope for. Wider than it is tall, it gently slides each egg down; no breakages or foul play. 

Larger eggs may not slide as easily down and sometimes need placing further down one by one, but it makes up for this with its durability and simplicity. 

The deep grooves mean that no egg will ever topple over the egg, but the base does not have grips, and the frame is very light, which can result in it sliding over if you aren't careful on its placement, we recommend the back of the counter so that you never lose all your eggs. 

For the avid egg collector and chicken farmer, this would be a great way to make sure you can store every egg without running out of room. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this can be taken with you when you collect straight from the coop; no need to wash them; place them in the spiral and take them with you around the garden and back to the kitchen for breakfast.


  • Holds up to 24 medium eggs
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Compact size


  • No grips, so it can slide on the countertop.
  • Large eggs can get stuck.

7: Toplife Tall Spiral Egg Skelter

Saving the tallest, most efficient, and largest Skelter until last, Toplife is a brand that does not disappoint. You can hold up three dozen large or even extra-large eggs, and for an even more convenient design, it has a 360-degree rotating bottom so that you can pursue all of your eggs without having to move them around and risk scratching a surface. 

Every egg will roll with ease, and with the rotation function, you can easily date each one to make sure no egg is left behind. Made from steel and coated in rose-gold, it is rustproof and gives it a lovely sleek, very modern, and stylish design. 

No handle on the top does mean you cannot take it with you to collect, and it is heavier than most designs; these are minor flaws that are greatly overlooked by its true uniqueness.


  • Steel with rose-gold coating for the highest quality
  • Up to 3 dozen extra-large eggs
  • Rotating bottom so maximum access


  • No handle for moving around
  • Heavy when at maximum capacity


When choosing the perfect Skelter for your home or coop, you should bear in mind the number of eggs you require it to hold and their size. While small eggs are easier to accommodate, the larger the eggs, the harder it is to find that perfect spiral tower. Pick your price point, choose the size, and then the color and style will fall into place. 

Remember to check the surface you will be placing it on; most do not come with feet or grips and therefore can run a risk of damaging your surface with minor scratches, or some can slide around if knocked. 

Many are fantastic for indoor use, but few are suitable for outdoors too, so if you are an egg collector who prefers to store their eggs outside or leave the Skelter outside, make sure to find a strong metal and broad base so that you don't have any Humpty dumpty accidents.