Where To Find Light Corn Syrup in The Grocery Store?

To find light corn syrup, look in the aisle where the pancake syrup is located. Light corn syrup is used in several everyday food items, such as pies, drinks, and more. The syrup’s versatility genuinely makes it worthwhile to have in the pantry, especially if you’re the cooking type.

Light corn syrup also has an abundance of health benefits to taking advantage of, which is a reverse in its stereotype. Light corn syrup can be used as an additive to sweeten foods, assist in the browning process, and much more.

It’s made from corn starch and, in some instances, referred to as “glucose syrup” due to its high glucose level. The sweetener is also used to promote flavor in foods such as pies, candies, and more. Let’s take a look at what all this tasty syrup entails!

Awesome Benefits 

It’s Rich in Carbs

Light corn syrup is very rich in carbs, not that it’s a surprise. However, many people underestimate how good carbs can be for you. If consumed in moderation, carbs can give you more energy, strength, and better cognitive abilities. A cool fact is that carbs reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease and lower the chances of developing diabetes, a surprising find.

Many Vitamins

The American diet doesn’t always contain enough vitamins. This means it can be easy to fall short of your advised daily intake. By eating a balanced diet with foods that contain light corn syrup, you’ll have better odds of hitting that goal. It doesn’t take much, though, so balance is crucial.

It Helps Blood Pressure

Light corn syrup also contains a healthy amount of sodium. To maintain healthy blood pressure, your body needs to have enough sodium to regulate water retention. Light corn syrup can help you meet the recommended goal of roughly 2,000mg per day, which is just below the suggested intake for those with POTS, an illness that causes low blood pressure upon standing upright.

Here Are Some Great Substitutes

Sugar Water

Though you might not have expected this, light corn syrup’s taste is very similar to regular sugar water. This can be an alternative to the sweetening aspect of light corn syrup’s sweetening abilities, but it will not act as a thickener or add any extra flavor. It’s a cheap and easy solution, though, so it deserves a spot here!

Maple Syrup

If your recipe is catered more towards the dessert area, then maple syrup can be a great substitute. It’s very sweet and packs a lot of flavors that go great with all sorts of foods. The only negative here is that when cooked, maple syrup browns very fast but is otherwise excellent.

Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup is best for candies, as it’s rocking a very thick texture. The taste is undoubtedly very nutty, but it is best suited for desserts such as cookies, pies, and other recipes. It also prevents crystallization, similarly to light corn syrup, which is a huge plus.

A Few Great Uses

Pecan Pie

Because light corn syrup works just as well as dark corn syrup does, it’s ideal for this famous American dessert. You can think of corn syrup as the glue that holds this delicious pie together, working in tandem with the eggs for a perfect set. Most recipes call for around one cup of light corn syrup, less or more, depending on your pallet preference.

Candied Walnuts

If you’re fancying a sweet treat with a crunchy twist, this is another excellent application of light corn syrup. Thanks to walnuts’ health benefits and light corn syrup combined, there’s not as much guilt. Pecans also pair well here, as described above.

Fruit Jams

To cut down on sugar in your jams, jellies, and fruit preserves, look no further than light corn syrup. It can replace up to 1/4th of the sugar you would typically need to use. It also enhances the fruity flavor in moderate amounts, making for a delicious spread.


Light corn syrup is a very popular additive to desserts because of its rich, flavorful taste. Unlike dark corn syrup, light corn syrup is less intense and provides the perfect mix of sweetness and character. This makes it ideal for desserts such as pecan pie, dessert drinks, and more.

The thing that surprised us the most is the health benefits; it can help reduce blood pressure and supply essential vitamins, which is a marvel in itself! The substitutes are great, especially if you want a little more dominant flavor added into your recipe.