Where To Find Marshmallow Fluff In The Grocery Store?

To find marshmallow fluff, look near the “dessert” aisle or where the peanut butter is located. Marshmallow fluff is exactly as the name suggests, fluffed marshmallows. This sweet and classic confection can be used in a ton of tasty recipes — or even eaten by itself, if you’re brave!

Marshmallow fluff is an American staple, commonly placed on the table to have at birthday parties, gatherings, or simply to enjoy on a cold winter night with s’mores. They’re not just tasty, though. They have quite a few health benefits, something that certainly isn’t expected!

In some areas, marshmallow fluff can be hard to find, likely due to its vast popularity leading to stores going out of stock. This has to lead us to include a few substitutes to hold you over until you can find some of these clouds of heaven.

Surprising Benefits Of Marshmallow Fluff

It Can Heal Ulcers

Marshmallow root, while not exactly marshmallow fluff, can heal ulcers. Studies show that the mucilage found in marshmallow root can help soothe the stomach and intestinal walls, providing pain relief. This also gives the stomach and intestines relief so they can heal. It works in similar ways that an anti-inflammatory would, without the potential nasty side-effects!

It’s a Diuretic

It may come as a surprise, but marshmallow can act as a natural diuretic. If you’re like most people, you have to run to the restroom shortly after consuming coffee; this is also true for marshmallows! It can be salutary for those who have trouble excreting urine. Some illnesses or medications lead to this very problem, so buy a bag of these delightful treats and enjoy!

Supports Heart Health

Did you know that by having a marshmallow a day, you can keep heart disease away? If you opt for marshmallows made with marshmallow flower added in, it can help lower the chances of blood clots, have positive effects on HDL cholesterol, and more! If you cannot find any in the grocery store, there are several easy to put together recipes at your disposal.

Substitutes For Marshmallow Fluff


Marshmallow fluff is simply fluffed marshmallows, so this is by far the best substitute available. To make marshmallow fluff, simply place whole marshmallows into the oven or microwave. Just be sure that you do not overheat them, or they may become hard.

Homemade Recipe 

Just like with the above substitute, you’re going to need two cups of marshmallows. You’ll approach this a little differently, though. Once the marshmallow is placed in a bowl, add one tablespoon of corn syrup and microwave for 30 seconds! Typically, when marshmallows are heated, they quickly return to the thick consistency. Thankfully, corn syrup avoids this.

Vanilla Fudge

Marshmallows are distinctly hard to substitute, so our last suggestion for substituting marshmallows is by using vanilla fudge as an alternative. After changing such a key ingredient of the recipe, you’ll undoubtedly change the way you implement this dessert a little. Still, it tastes phenomenal and has a similar texture to marshmallow fluff when melted.

Great Ways To Use Marshmallow Fluff

Fluffernutter Bars

There are countless exceptional recipes on the internet for these tasty gooey and chewy bars, all of which call for marshmallow fluff. Once you add in the creamy butter base, it will combine with marshmallows’ sweet fluffiness to make you feel like a kid again. They’re super easy to make and can act as a treat on fun occasions.

Chocolate Cupcakes

For those looking to make some delectable chocolate cupcakes, marshmallow fluff can make a great filling with just the right sum of sweetness when paired with cocoa. Think of the store-bought filled chocolate cupcakes, except a hundred times better.

Ice Cream

Believe it or not, marshmallow fluff makes for an excellent add-in for several different flavors of ice cream. This is great for those who would prefer a more chilled treat. It adds in a little extra sweetness and texture since a bit of marshmallow makes everything better. After all, marshmallow ice-cream is one of the most popular options out there!


Marshmallow fluff is one of the most famous confections in the states. It can be utilized for all kinds of recipes, such as the renowned fluffernutter bars, which are a blessing by themselves. It may be a surprise, but fluffernutter bars are healthier than most peanut butter and jelly combos!

There aren’t many substitutes that can match the goodness of marshmallow fluff, but if you are in a pinch, they may be just what you need! Who would have imagined that it can heal ulcers as long as it contains marshmallow root, which is a very remarkable fact!