Where To Find Peach Nectar In The Grocery Store?

To find peach nectar, look near the outskirts of the fruits and vegetables. Peaches are small, fuzzy, and sweet fruits that have earned America’s love. Millions are sold every year, and while they’re great, the nectar is even better, depending on how you use it.

Peach nectar is essentially “orange juice,” but for peaches. This tasty nectar has an abundance of health benefits, which are genuinely surprising – so why isn’t it more popular? This question baffles me; it’s delicious. 

Peach nectar is exceptionally versatile, though, so we’re also going to cover what it can be used for. Plus, you’ll learn of a few substitutes that give peach nectar a little competition! Let’s learn more about the sweet, tasty nectar.

Here Are The Benefits of Peach Nectar

Loads of Nutrients

Peach nectar is packed full of nutrients. For starters, it has up to 5% of vitamin E, vitamin K, and Manganese. It also has up to 17% of Vitamin C and nearly 10% of Vitamin A. This is very promising in itself and offers many of the same benefits that orange juice does, and more! It’s also a great alternative if you suffer from histamine intolerance or other mast cell illnesses.

Aids in Digestion

To maintain proper digestion, we must take in enough fiber every day. Peach nectar is very rich in this vital ingredient. The fiber in peach nectar is also insoluble, which means that it adds bulk to your stool. Fiber enables the stool to move through the digestive tract much easier. It will also help reduce the amount of gas in your stomach by enlarging gas pockets.

Improves Heart Health

Peach nectar is excellent for the heart. Studies show that peach nectar reduced bad cholesterol, reducing the chances of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and more. The best part is that peach nectar helps prevent orthostatic intolerance, which does not have many treatments. It’s not going to replace any vital heart meds, but it’s a great start.

Amazing Substitutes For Peach Nectar

Orange Juice

Peach nectar, in many ways, is similar to orange juice. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, which helps fight inflammation and builds a healthy immune system. If you opt for orange juice rich in pulp, the similarities are nearly identical. The flavor is much different, though, but don’t let that take away from the exceptional citric flavor!

Canned Peaches

Canned peaches come in cans, most commonly in the form of peeled, sliced peaches. Sure, it’s not going to be an exact replica, but they are peaches. Some people love to make smoothies by tossing in some canned peaches with a little sugar, making for a healthy and sweet drink!

Apple Juice

Apple juice is an American icon, packing a massive amount of essential nutrients. The flavor is nearly unmatchable, and although the taste is very different from peach nectar, it’s still a great alternative! Apple juice can even be used in a multitude of recipes; the creativity is endless.

Ways To Use Peach Nectar

Iced Tea

It likely doesn’t come as a surprise that peach nectar makes an excellent flavoring for this American staple, especially in the southern region. The light sweetness allows you to cut down on sugar, too, since you probably won’t use nearly as much. Plus, by adding in a little peach nectar, you get to take advantage of its health benefits.


Another deliciously refreshing use of peach nectar is in peach lemonade. It’s a unique twist on the summer favorite that is very simple to make. Simply combine a reasonable amount of sugar, water, lemon juice, peach nectar in a large pitcher, stir well, then serve cold. Make sure to opt for peach nectar that is pulp-free to ensure that it mixes perfectly.

Cakes and Desserts

Finally, peach nectar makes an excellent sweetener for many baked desserts, like peach bundt cake. It can also be utilized as a glaze for pound cake, so try it out with your favorite recipe and watch as everyone loves your tasty treats for their peachy goodness.


From the orchards to your dinner table, peaches can be morphed into a phenomenal tasting drink. The name couldn’t have been any better; the name peach nectar fits perfectly! The nectar brings huge competition to orange juice, bringing many health benefits and more to the table.

It’s rich in flavor and makes for an incredible breakfast drink. It’s perfect for anyone looking to up their nutrient or fiber intake. It also makes for flavorful tea with a super unique, peachy twist! To get even more flavor, add one teaspoon of sugar to one cup of peach nectar.