Granite Rock Pan Review


  • The pan is very lightweight.
  • Non-stick material.
  • 500-degree limit.
  • Promotes even heat induction.
  • Pressed aluminum pan.
  • Coated with Granite Rock finish.

The Granite Rock 10” Round Fry Pan was a popular “As Seen on TV” product, but how good is it? That is exactly what I am going to answer for you today and we are going to break down features, pros, cons. Then you can decide for yourself. I will also give my opinions on this pan compared to similar pans on the market.

But first, let’s mention some things that make a frying pan great and what factors into our decision. The first factor of your decision should be the price versus its value. Everyone has a different budget for buying cookware. It also depends on the quality you want. In most cases, the higher the price, the more value.

Another thing to factor when buying a pan is the features that are important to you. For some people, they want the most lightweight pan out there. Others want a nonstick pan that will never scratch due to its durability. The winning frying pan for you is the one that checks the most boxes of features you want. That could be exactly what this Granite Rock Pan is going to do, so let’s find out!

The frying pan niche is pretty competitive, so it is tough to stand out from the rest. Nevertheless, if a frying pan has great material and a positive track record, then it is worth looking into. Let’s see what kind of features are in this Granite Rock Pan!

Granite Rock Pan Review

Those features above really scream high quality to anyone that reads them. Granite Rock has received incredible reviews from customers throughout its time on the market. It is no surprise to me or anyone that they would release a pan that exceeds expectations and has a great track record.

One of the biggest things that stands out for this pan is that it is made of quality material, and it will cook evenly. The two combined will give you great tasting food. 

Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that the pan can handle temps up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. That is a huge deal because there are many pans out there that do not have the capability to do that. For instance, some pans at the 450-degree mark would war.


  • It can cook on above-average temperatures.
  • Cooks evenly so that you do not need to worry about uncooked areas or terrible tasting food.
  • Granite look is visually appealing and looks great under light in the kitchen.
  • Quality materials in the pan make it an excellent option and durable enough to last a very long time.
  • Nonstick pan that does not need butter or oil to cook on so you can prepare meals in a healthier manner.
  • The pan is lightweight and not heavy and bulky like other options out in the market.
  • The low price makes it an attractive option, and it is cheaper than most high-quality frying pans.


  • The size of 10 inches might be too small for someone that needs to prepare food for a large group of people or a large family.
  • There are no other cons to point out because at the current price point and quality, it is a massive deal.

After looking up and down the pros and cons, it is easy to see why this pan has gotten so much praise and has been featured on TV. It has just about everything that you could want from a frying pan, and then some. If the only complaint is the fact that it might be too small, then that is a pretty great problem to have. But all the key features are there in a quality pan. Things such as lightweight, durable, nonstick, PFOA free, and cooking evenly are all there. The real kicker that makes this product fly off the shelves is that it is at the bottom of the price range for quality pans.

Most of the cheap options have not proven themselves in the market or are made of cheap material that is not going to last for more than a year. This pan will last more than a year and the longevity is not the only selling point. It would be a massive mistake to pass up a value like this if you are in the hunt for more cookware for your home or even business that could use a 10” pan.

It is probably an easy decision to buy this Granite Rock Frying Pan for the price and quality. The track record and features are too promising to not appeal to almost anyone that is out and shopping around for pans to add to their arsenal. Also, the granite finish on the pan might make it your best-looking pan!