HexClad Hybrid Cookware Reviews 2021

HexClad has rightfully made a name for themselves as one of the premier and elite cookware options in the market, and for good reason.  Their brand sits at one of the top positions and when people think of HexClad Hybrid Cookware, they think of quality and cookware that will last them a lifetime. Their brand is top notch and that’s only because of the sheer amount of people that have been impressed with them since the start of their business.

7 Piece HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set



The 7-piece option is the basic and least expensive option on the list.  Even though it is the least expensive, you should still know that they do come with a heavy price tag compared to cheap sets of cookware that you could find on the web.

But the difference is that the HexClad name speaks volumes and there is a reason why it is one of the most popular cookware names on the planet.

The 7 Piece HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set includes:

  • 12-inch Pan with Lid
  • 10-inch Pan with Lid
  • 8-inch Pan with Lid
  • 12-inch Wok

If you are confused because there are only four items on the list, then you should know that lids also count as a piece.  That is what makes it a 7-piece cookware set, just in case you were confused.  Now that is out of the way, I have broken down the pros and cons of this set.


  • Not too many items so it will be easy to store in your kitchen pantry or kitchen cabinets.
  • Aluminum middle layer of the cookware promotes even heating to ensure that your food is evenly great.
  • Backed by the HexClad lifetime warranty to make the investment worthwhile.
  • Stainless steel that is rust free and is dishwasher safe to clean easily.


  • Other than a higher price, there are no cons to the 7-piece option.  If you want the best of the best, then the investment into HexClad will be worth it.

The 7-piece option is one of the best out there for people that want top-notch cookware but do not need a ton of pieces.  This amount is about perfect for anyone unless you are a chef that is always whipping up meals in your kitchen.

I really can’t come up with any negative things to say about this option.  Now let’s look at the other option that has more pieces and is for people that want the biggest and best option that the company offers.

I bet since you are reading this, you might already know that, and you are looking at your options and seeing if there is a set for you.  The good news is that I have included their two popular sets, and you will easily be able to see which is the right option for you.

Finding the right cookware is a tough ordeal.  For instance, there are so many different companies that have products at different quality levels and different price ranges.  My tip is to decide what your budget is and go from there.  If your budget allows it, then you can get the best of the best cookware items like brands like HexClad for instance.

Decide on features that you must have and that are non-negotiable.  Things such as lifetime warranties, dishwasher safe, or stainless steel are certain features that some buyers feel like they must have.  Other people value the price range of cookware the most.  It all depends on what your circumstance is and how much you value your cookware at home!

13 Piece HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set


The other option from HexClad that has a lot of popularity is the 13-piece set.  Thirteen pieces is a lot for a cookware set, and you can guess that there is a bit of a hefty price tag that goes along with this set.

But you should view it more like an investment.  This cookware is so high quality that it will last a lifetime if you use it correctly and clean it up nicely.  There is even a lifetime warranty, so you should be covered regardless.

The 13-piece HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set includes:

  • 2-Quart Pot with Lid
  • 3-Quart Pot with Lid
  • 8-Quart Pot with Lid
  • 12-inch Pan with Lid
  • 10-inch Pan with Lid
  • 8-inch Pan with Lid
  • 12-inch Wok

As you can see, this set is going to have you covered in terms of cookware.  The amount of pots and pans will be able to serve you in any way and you definitely will be covered in terms of how many pieces of cookware that you have in your kitchen.  Many of the pros are the same as the 7-piece option above, but I have added a few that are unique to the 13-piece set.


  • All cookware works on all types of cooking surfaces from induction to gas.
  • Enough cookware to prepare multiple meals or sides at once.
  • Dishwasher safe cookware that makes it easier to clean instead of handwashing everything.
  • Features scratch-resistant material and handles that do not heat up, so they are easy to carry even right off the cooking spot.
  • Lifetime warranty that gives any buyer the peace of mind that this investment will be around forever.


  • Obviously, the price point might be quite a bit for some people depending on their situation. It all depends on how much you value the best cookware and the lifetime warranty that comes with it.
  • 13 pieces might be too much for some people.  Users with limited cabinet space will struggle to be able to store all of the pots and pans.

All in all, the 13-piece is much more superior if you think that you will need different sizes of pots to use.  Hopefully, after reading this, you can easily see that HexClad is one of the best in the cookware industry and they will continue to be with products like that.

If you have a great amount of storage and your budget allows it, then it is the right decision to go for the 13-piece set in my humble opinion.  The value you get from it is unmatched, and the lifetime warranty has to ease your mind with the price tag.

Final ThoughtS

However, if you do not need that much cookware and do not want to pay top dollar, then the 7-piece set will certainly suit your needs and make you very happy in the long run. Also, you need to factor in if you cook with pots like the ones in the 13-piece set.  That will greatly affect your decision with which one you buy in the end.

Please share this post with anyone that needs HexClad cookware in their life!  It is worth the investment in my eyes, and it is to other people too if you check out other reviews.  Thanks for reading and do not forget to pass this post around!