KBS Bread Machine Review


  • Intelligent Fruit and Nut Dispenser
  • Intuitive Digital Touch Panel Control
  • Sleek Stainless Steel Design for Healthy Freshly Baked Bread at Home
One thing that a lot of people have not gotten to experience is making their own bread from the comfort of their home. If you are one of those people, then you are seriously missing out. The bread that is made by you can taste amazing if you perfect your craft and have a quality bread machine. Making your own bread is satisfying and you can actually make incredible bread after you figure out what the right recipe is.

About KBS Bread Machine

What makes a bread machine great? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing is obviously to look at your budget. Too many people shop around before they set their budget, and it makes the process tough. After the budget is set for your bread machine search, you should also look out for features that you want in your bread machine.

Features such as capacity, programs, and timer features are something to look for. Once your budget and desired features are set in stone, it will be a much easier decision to find your dream bread machine.

While I can’t help you perfect your craft and recipe, I can help you find the perfect bread machine. I am reviewing the KBS Bread Machine to see if it is the right option for you and if it is going to suit your needs. Let’s get right into it and see how this bread machine is special.

First off, I need to mention the impressive recognition that the KBS Bread Machine has gotten. This bead machine has lots of social proof. We can assume that it is incredible!

Features of the KBS Bread Machine:

  • 2-pound capacity.
  • 17 different programs to choose from.
  • Ceramic pans help make the bread evenly and chemical-free.
  • 15-hour delay timer and 1-hour automatic keep warm setting.
  • Stainless steel design.
  • Large viewing window.

The features listed alone are a major selling point to this bread machine. For the price, you really can’t beat the amount of value that you are getting. Even if you are not familiar with bread machines, you can understand the amount of value and control that this bread machine from KBS offers.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this KBS Bread Machine and see how it is looking.

Pros of the KBS Bread Machine:

  • Large enough capacity to handle most jobs.
  • A large variety of programs to choose from to make your desired type of bread from whole wheat to gluten-free.
  •  Delay timer feature to effectively set the timer and plan ahead for making bread.
  • Stainless steel design that screams quality and has a sleek look that would look nice in a kitchen.
  • Viewing the window to see your bread rise and go through the bread-making process.
  • Quiet motor so it is not loud while running. Also has a tone that alerts users when it is time to add fruits and nuts.

Cons of the KBS Bread Machine:

  • There are reviews that claim that the recipes that come with the machine are terrible and do not help. They claim that the bread is too hard or does not work when following the directions.

The proof is in the pudding with the list of positives versus negatives. Obviously, the bread machine from KBS has way more things going for it compared to negative aspects of what people are complaining about. I will also address the major con about the flawed recipe book. Sometimes it is hard to take people's word about their bread not coming out well.

For the majority of people, this machine produces amazing types of bread and has provided an amazing experience.

People have complained about things like the recipes, but there are no real arguments about the actual bread machine. Just because someone can’t make good bread does not exactly mean that the bread machine is bad. Making bread is tough and there can be a lot of human error associated with it. Making bread is tough, even if you have a good bread machine.

This is about as good as it gets in the bread machine market at its current price range.  There are certainly better bread machines out there, but who knows if they are in your desired price range. It all depends on how much you value being able to make your own bread and what kind of features you desire. The best of the best bread machines is very pricey and probably going to be out of the price range of most people.  

It is products like the KBS Bread Machine that make average people able to make their own bread and enjoy many types of bread that the machine can make. And believe me, with that many functions it is a pleasure to make bread with this machine. Hopefully, you found this review helpful, and it opened your eyes as to how amazing bread machines are nowadays.

Final Thoughts

If you have found this post helpful and know someone else that needs to buy a bread machine, then send them this post to get them introduced to this amazing KBS Bread Machine. Maybe with your help, they will actually find a great bread machine like this one. As always, thank you so much for reading this post.