Where To Find Powdered Milk in The Grocery Store?

To find powdered milk, look near the bakery items, such as the cakes and pies. Powdered milk is dehydrated milk, which is done by removing the water and fats from the milk. This results in a fine powder that’s very healthy and easy to use for all sorts of purposes.

Powdered milk is very good for you because not only is it very low in fat, it houses a plethora of essential nutrients. There are also many kinds of powdered milk available for choosing, such as non-fat, buttermilk, and whole.

We’ve also featured a few great substitutes for you to opt for, just in case the store is out of stock. Furthermore, we will cover it’s wide-spectrum of uses, as it has many recipes to enjoy, such as making homemade condensed milk!

Great Benefits of Powdered Milk

High in Vitamins

A huge benefit of powdered milk is that it’s very high in vitamins of all kinds. You’ll find that it’s rich in vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin E. These are all vitamins that are vital to our health. Plus, vitamins are known to absorb better when consumed with milk products. These vitamins can help you maintain a healthy, strong immune system!

Rich in Carbs

Powdered milk is also high in healthy carbs, which are necessary for energy. The most common carb is lactose, which is very beneficial for you if you are not lactose intolerant. Carbs derived from lactose are also great at helping our gut grow lactic acid bacteria. This means that the powder can be an easy source of carbs when added into recipes or reverted to liquid milk!

Healthy Protein

Powdered milk is even high in protein, most notably from the whey found in milk. Protein is critical for the formation and maintenance of healthy, strong muscles. It also helps us have a clear mind and is proven to be a great source of mental and physical energy. Powdered milk can be added to snacks such as protein bars to make a healthy, robust snack.

Substitutes For Powdered Milk


Regular, old-fashioned cow’s milk is an excellent substitute for powdered milk. Milk carries much of the same characteristics that powdered milk does, but it has a little more fat. You may even find that it’s richer in flavor, as expected. Milk would be a better choice for recipes that call for rich flavor and creaminess.

Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut milk is an excellent alternative, as long as you don’t mind the fruit’s taste. A huge advantage here is that coconut milk, in general, is exceptionally healthy for you, as it carries many essential nutrients, vitamins, and more. It is a little sweeter than cows milk, though.

Soy Milk Powder

Soy milk powder is dehydrated soy milk, yet it fares much better when rehydrated than the others do. It retains much of its flavor after the fact, making it the best option if you're chasing quality after rehydrating. This will also taste the closet to powdered milk, more so than coconut.

A Few Great Uses

Evaporated Milk

Powdered milk can be used to make your own evaporated milk used in many recipes. Add about 1 ½ cup water and 1 cup powdered milk, then mix well. This makes about 12 ounces of evaporated milk and will last up to a week refrigerated.

Sour Cream

Powdered milk can also be used for DIY sour cream. Combine ⅔ cup of powdered milk and a ¾ cup of water, mixing well. Next, add a teaspoon of vinegar and beat the mixture until thick. This makes an excellent replacement for store-bought sour cream.

Coffee Creamer

For all you coffee enthusiasts out there, why not try making your creamer with a simple recipe? With some powdered milk, sugar, and maybe a pinch of vanilla extract, it’s easy to make a healthier alternative without all the added junk in store-bought creamers.


The best aspect of powdered milk is that it can be stored for much longer than regular, fresh milk. This makes it perfect for camping, long trips, or other instances where keeping fresh milk is difficult. Powdered milk still retains much of the benefits of fresh milk, too, which is excellent. 

Powdered milk is just as versatile as fresh milk; after all, it’s merely regular cows’ milk but dehydrated. The sheer amount of recipes that powdered milk can be used to make it all the more worthwhile to have. Plus, the substitutes are great for those of you lactose intolerant!